Pay Per Click Management

PPC Management

Need immediate leads generated by your website? Pay per click (PPC) marketing offers a cost-effective way to generate more qualified traffic, leads, and sales from your website almost immediately.

Unlike SEO, PPC funnels visitors further in the buying cycle directly to your website, helping you convert more visitors to leads—and ultimately more sales.

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PPC Management Services – What’s Included

  • Competitive keyword research
  • Monthly PPC reports
  • PPC call tracking
  • Conversion tracking
  • PPC budget management

I work with you to:

  • Increase your website’s quality score
  • Maximize your search presence using PPC
  • Minimize your average cost-per-click
  • Maximize the ROI from your monthly ad spend
  • Outbid your competitors
  • Generate more contact forms and phone calls from paid search campaigns

PPC Management

Today, when people need something for their home, whether a product, service, or tip, they turn to the Internet first. If they’re not finding your website, then that traffic (and revenue) is going to your competitors!

Paid search campaigns, or PPC, can get your contracting website on the first page of Google and Bing immediately.

I have an entire team dedicated towards our clients’ PPC campaigns.

Our in-house PPC specialists are certified in Google AdWords and Bing Ads and will help you maximize the performance of your PPC campaign.

If you’re a business owner and are interested in PPC management from a local company, give us a call!

Small Business PPC Management That Works

Not all small business PPC management companies are looking out for your best interest. If you’ve ever been burned by a PPC management company, you know the potentially negative impact this may have on your business.

Is PPC Worth It for a Small Business?

Pay per click platforms like Google AdWords and Bing Ads offer business owners an immediate and effective method of generating leads from motivated buyers. PPC management is extremely controllable and measurable–providing an enormous amount of data.

While the level of data and detail is valuable, most small business owners simply do not have the time to analyze this data and make calculated decisions with it, which is why my small business PPC management services can be a valuable asset to your digital marketing campaign.

Hiring an in-house PPC manager to run your PPC campaign will cost thousands of dollars per month–in addition to your monthly ad spend–making this a far more expensive option than simply outsourcing your PPC management efforts to an experienced professional.

Experienced PPC Managers

My PPC management specialists have a vast amount of experience managing pay per click accounts in a wide range of industries. We know the tricks-of-the-trade to maximize your paid search campaign–increasing reach, clicks, and leads while decreasing your cost-per-click.

Not only do we have an extensive amount of experience, we offer advanced data tracking metrics to ensure you are getting the most accurate data possible. For example, did you know that the ratio of phone calls received versus online form submissions can be 10:1 or more?

If you (or your current PPC advertiser) are not tracking phone calls generated by your PPC ads, you are missing more than half the picture!

With Rank First Local, we will provide you with a detailed look at your PPC campaigns so you have a clear understanding of ad performance–allowing you to easily calculate your ROI.

Affordable PPC Management Services

Any company can benefit from a paid search campaign, I specialize in PPC management services for businesses.

If you would like to learn more about our PPC managements services, send us a message online today!